Jane Ashley

Fine Art Paintings and Drawings

  • "Water Trail" Detail

    "Water Trail" (Detail)

  • "Looking East" Detail

    "Looking East" (Detail)

  • "Winter Morning" Detail

    "Winter Morning" (Detail)

  • "Bradford Pond" Detail

    "Bradford Pond" (Detail)

  • "Cornish Two" Detail

    "Cornish Two" (Detail)

  • "Sky River Mist" Detail

    "Sky River Mist" (Detail)

  • "Off Shore Fog" Detail

    "Off Shore Fog" (Detail)

  • "Silver Pond" Detail

    "Silver Pond" (Detail)

  • "Farm Road" Detail

    "Farm Road" (Detail)

  • "Shrewsbury Pond" Detail

    "Shrewsbury Pond" (Detail)

  • "Beach Grass" Detail

    "Beach Grass" (Detail)

  • "Dawn" Detail

    "Dawn" (Detail)

  • "East Beach" Detail

    "East Beach" (Detail)

  • "Evening Copse" Detail

    "Evening Copse" (Detail)

  • "Headland" Detail

    "Headland" (Detail)

  • "Mountain Pasture" Detail

    "Mountain Pasture" (Detail)

Contact Information

Jane R. Ashley
Telephone: (802) 674-2416
Email: janerodman@gmail.com

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