Jane Ashley

Fine Art Paintings and Drawings

  • "Water Trail" Detail

    "Water Trail" (Detail)

  • "Looking East" Detail

    "Looking East" (Detail)

  • "Winter Morning" Detail

    "Winter Morning" (Detail)

  • "Bradford Pond" Detail

    "Bradford Pond" (Detail)

  • "Cornish Two" Detail

    "Cornish Two" (Detail)

  • "Sky River Mist" Detail

    "Sky River Mist" (Detail)

  • "Off Shore Fog" Detail

    "Off Shore Fog" (Detail)

  • "Silver Pond" Detail

    "Silver Pond" (Detail)

  • "Farm Road" Detail

    "Farm Road" (Detail)

  • "Shrewsbury Pond" Detail

    "Shrewsbury Pond" (Detail)

  • "Beach Grass" Detail

    "Beach Grass" (Detail)

  • "Dawn" Detail

    "Dawn" (Detail)

  • "East Beach" Detail

    "East Beach" (Detail)

  • "Evening Copse" Detail

    "Evening Copse" (Detail)

  • "Headland" Detail

    "Headland" (Detail)

  • "Mountain Pasture" Detail

    "Mountain Pasture" (Detail)

About Jane

Jane Ashley spent her early childhood in Wilmington, Delaware, before moving with her family to Westport, Massachusetts.

She attended the Rhode Island School of Design, graduated from the Swain School of Design, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with High Honors from the California College of Arts and Crafts.

Jane was a finalist at the 1986 Annual Awards Competition sponsored by The Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, New York.

Since 1961, Jane has made her home on a farm near the base of Mt. Ascutney in Windsor, Vermont.